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A custom (also called a tradition) is a law or right or usual way, which is not written and is in practice since a long time. It is any thing which lots of people do, and have done for a long time. Usually, the people come from the same country, culture, or religion. If something is usually done the same way, you might say that is the "customary way" of doing things. This is also called "conventional".

The meaning of culture is similar to the meaning of custom. A custom is more about practices, while culture is the way someone lives their lives and its more about ideas or a group of customs. A custom overall is just similar to culture and culture means the way of life of a people.

Custom can also have a second meaning, as in "custom made" or made for a particular customer. This is also called "bespoke". A thing already made may be "customized" as in a "custom paint job" on a car, or other modification or adaptation for a user or purpose. a customs are things that people do that are handed down from the past. Examples of it are:

  • Ceremonies are a class of customary, collective action.
  • In some countries it is polite/respectful to bow to older people.
  • In some countries it is OK to burp while eating food.
  • In some countries you take your shoes off before entering the house
  • In some places they sit on the floor and eat

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